Camping in a Lockdown

Camping in a lockdown. Join me as I do a solo overnight camp during a lockdown. With the global pandemic affecting countries across the world, I needed to head off into the wilderness to escape the madness of the towns and city. I find a clear area to setup my tent, prepare a firepit nearby and cook wild food over the fire to survive 24hrs in the wild! 😉

My Bushcraft, Survival and Filming Gear:

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SURVIVAL RADIO: Avoid Disaster And Decide On A Survival Radio in 15 Minutes

The phone lines as well as the web are down. Currently what?

Most Durable Flashlight: These 3 Models Guarantee You’ll Never Go Without Light

Its something to have a strong flashlight. Yet if you drop it as well as it damages, after that you’ve got absolutely nothing.

Long Range Survivor Radio: Antenna Range And GMRS Repeater Capable Radios

The various other day a friend of mine was telling me concerning walkie talkies. He was informing me that they had series of 25-30 miles.

Items to Include in a Survival Kit

Here is some info as well as advice concerning picking the right survival tools to place with each other a package for travelling, outdoor camping, hiking, or any kind of outside adventure. Having a few high quality tools can make the distinction in helping you survive an emergency scenario. Area as well as weight are always vital considerations when it comes to assembling a survival kit.

Fanny Pack Survival Kit: What Examples, Features And Contents You Should Include

Insect out bags are fine however what takes place if you do not have the chance to order it? Suppose you do not have the room to carry it for one reason or another? Perhaps you’re aiding lug a loved one away from the house as well as you do not have the ability to lug an insect out bag on your back. What now? That’s where a Fanny Load Survival Set comes in. You can certainly lug a survival package, as well as it doesn’t need to be very big.

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