Most Powerful Headlamp! THRUNITE TH30 REVIEW

Most Powerful Headlamp! THRUNITE TH30 REVIEW – read more reviews here:

Hey, everyone! In today’s video we’re going to take a look at the Thrunite TH30, an ultra-powerful headlamp / EDC flashlight.

✅1. ThruNite TH30 Super Bright 3350 lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp for Outdoor and Indoor Using, Hiking,Camping


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Hi Everyone! Today we are going to review a new headlamp, and it’s a beast! It’s the Thrunite TH30, which claims an incredible 3350 lumens, and is a versatile light that can be used as both an EDC flashlight and a headlamp.
Although technology has improved a lot since the advent of LED head lamps, most torches still fall into one of two categories: lightweight and not particularly bright, or heavier and brighter. The TH30 from Thrunite succeeds in being both quite light and extremely bright.
Not only is the ThruNite TH30 one of the most powerful LED headlamps around, it comes with it’s own rechargeable power source! A high capacity 18650 battery comes standard with the light, along with USB charging cord. The battery can be charged inside the light by connected to any USB power source! This feature makes the TH30 great for travel or extended camping trips, making sure that you’re never left in the dark.
This headlamp lives up to the claims Thrunite makes! It is a great product all the way from its retail presentation to the performance and usability. The Thrunite TH30 is a powerful, versatile flashlight that functions great as both a handheld EDC flashlight and a headlamp. It has a number of useful features and is designed to take a lot of abuse. The design, battery life, and brightness of the $69 flashlight exceeded my highest expectations and it has quickly found its way into my every day carry kit.

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