Solo Winter Tarp Camp – The Last Day of Winter

Managed to get out into the woods for a long over due overnight trip on the last day of winter and it had a little bit of everything for me weather wise! From blue skies to wind and then even some snow!

Instagram – @brooksnbirches

My Gear:

My 10×10 Tarp –

My 13×10 Tarp –

My Spring and Fall Sleeping Bag –

My Winter Sleeping Bag –

My Sleeping Pad –

My Camping Pillow –

My Winter Hiking Pants –

My Bushcraft Belt Knife –

My Backpack –

My Bushcraft Grill –

My Toaks 750ml Cook Pot –

My Toaks Spork –

My Solo Stove Twig Stove –

My BRS Portable Gas Stove –

My Thermarest Z-Seat (Sit Pad) –

My Klymit V Seat –

My Water Filter –

Coast Flashlight –

My Clothing:

My Winter Hiking Socks –

My Summer Hiking Socks –

Honcho Poncho –

My Winter Puffy Jacket –

My Summer Puffy Jacket –

My Winter Hiking Pants –

My Winter Boots –

My Spring/Fall Boots –

Blue’s Dog Camping Gear –

Custom Reflective Collar –

Inflatable Dog Bed –

Fleece Vest –

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Emergency Water Storage – Super Fast, Cheap Homemade Rain Barrel

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