WARNING: A Major Crisis is Coming…

In this video I discuss the widening divide between east and west and how it could lead to all out conflict.

Documentary about subject matter at hand

Informative article

NK parade breakdown

ugout Rolls & Backpacking Systems

Emergency Radios

Freeze Dried Food (Long lasting survival food)

Personal Protective Equipment

First Aid Kits

Shelter and Sleep Systems

Water Filtration

Cooking Systems

Silky Saws

Flashlights & Navigation

Survival Gear/ Misc

Fire Starting


The Difference That Small Pocket Knives Can Make

This is among the collection of articles that states my experience with numerous leading brands of pockets. I am sharing my experiences in regards to performance, dependability, as well as quality. It assists a visitor have an excellent concept of what to seek in a top quality pocket blade.

In Self Defense, Size, Strength and Speed DO Matter – So Work to Improve Yours

I have actually gone to the physical fitness and also protection “game” for years now, and also like several other individuals that have actually invested decades exposed to a particular world, I think that I’ve seen a great deal, as well as practically heard everything. When I initially came to be interested in these fields, and also especially in unarmed combat, I was not unmoved by those teachers who stated that any person might defeat any individual else in a physical run-in, as long as he recognized the right strategies. When I was a boy, in my teenage years, I was not brief, however I was thin.

Common Sense: The Scarcest of All Natural Resources

Usual feeling makes our life purposeful and pleased. ‘What, Exactly how, and Why’ of it are gone over below.

Top Must-Have Basics of Your Survival Knife

To keep the finest high quality of survival knife must be precedence for those that delight in outdoor camping, searching, or prepping. There is no doubt because an automatic knife for survival is one of one of the most outstanding devices people can contend their disposal. Thinking of the different methods you can take advantage of the blade, we have brought you some functions that you must mirror on while obtaining the very best survival knife.

What To Do When Your Home Is Damaged by a Storm?

Natural catastrophes as what it literally means are happenings that can not be protected against by anyone. We can have details regarding weather prediction however there is no means that we can run away from them instantaneously. Throughout these times, we need to actually realize why prevention is always far better than treatment.

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